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Upward Sports Tunnels

Cogswell Creations Blast Tunnels sport awesome graphics. Our standard Blast Tunnels have run-through velcro door flaps on the front, and a full, flat fabric canopy on the top and sides. This canopy, wrapped over the inflatable "ribbing" of the structure, is the best way to present legible lettering and crisp, smooth graphics that are easily viewed from any angle. Our three standard Blast Tunnel sizes are described below, and a complete price list can be found here.


Mega Blast Tunnel (15'w x 12'h x 25'long)
This is our full size tunnel for high visibility on outdoor fields. It makes an impressive display with large graphic areas, sweeping colors, and plenty of room for sponsor banners. We have various choices for color design and graphic placement, or we can work with you to create an original look. The standard length is 23 feet. While this is an ideal size, longer lengths are available.

Mega Blast Tunnel


Medium Blast Tunnel (10'w x 10'h x 18'l)
Our Multi-Sport Tunnel has the same awesome graphics in a smaller package. It is ideal for use at indoor and outdoor activities such as football, basketball, hockey, pep rallies, and many others.

The Medium Tunnel can also be used as an extension for the Football Helmet Tunnel. These two together can create a perfect combination for schools with a diverse athletic department anchored by the football program. When not being used on the football field the combo can be split so the medium tunnel can be used by itself for other sports.


Junior Tunnel (7'w x 8'h x 11'long)
The Junior Tunnel is specifically meant for 12 year-old and under youth leagues. The package includes choice of color for the canopy, graphics painted on both sides, internal blower, and storage bag. The standard version does not include door flaps, though we can add them. Upward and other youth, community, and church leagues include player introductions as a point of pride for thier young athletes. Cogswell Creations is a preferred supplier of Upward Sports



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